Sunday, 30 December 2012

SSIS wishlist for 2013

It's almost 2013. A good time to look back on the past year, but also a good time for my SSIS wishlist for 2013. It's only a top 10, because I don't want to look greedy. ;-)
  1. Package parts for reusability. Vote
  2. Folder options in Visual Studio for SSIS projects. Vote
  3. BI templates for the latest Visual Studio (want to look cool among my .Net colleagues). Vote and Vote
  4. Toolbox improvements (ordering and folders). Vote and Vote
  5. Rename refactoring option (try to rename an used variable). Vote
  6. Change column order of Flat File connection manager. Vote
  7. Validate without running option. Vote
  8. Expressions on Project Parameters. Vote
  9. XML Source using a connection manager. Vote
  10. Replicate option for server environments. Vote
Submit your own SSIS wishes in the comments or at Microsoft Connect.


  1. One more... Auto Layout isn't working when you add a Group around transformations. This makes grouping of transformations basically useless. Vote

  2. And one more... The logging levels for SSIS 2012 are too restricted. If I need for example OnPipelineRowsSent then the only option is Verbose which is performance wise not a good standard (and not recommended as default). Vote


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