Friday, 2 May 2014

BIML doesn't recognize system variable ServerExecutionID

I want to use the SSIS System Variable ServerExecutionID as a parameter for an Execute SQL Task in a BIML Script, but it doesn't recognize it and gives an error:

Could not resolve reference to 'System.ServerExecutionID' of type 'VariableBase'. 'VariableName="System.ServerExecutionID"' is invalid.

The current version of BIDS/BIML doesn't recognize all system variables (for example
LocaleId and ServerExecutionID). Other system variables like VersionMajor or VersionBuild will work. You can overcome this by manually adding these variables in your BIML Script.

<Variable Name="ServerExecutionID" DataType="Int64" Namespace="System">0</Variable>

And if you now run the package (in the catalog) the table gets filled with the System variable ServerExecutionID:

Number added, it works!

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