Thursday, 25 September 2014

'Auto Layout - Diagram' missing in Layout Toolbar

I often use the 'Auto Layout - Diagram' option in the Format-menu to auto arrange my tasks or transformations, but it costs me three clicks (/moves). All other options from the Format-menu can be found in the Layout toolbar (one click only), except the Auto Layout - Diagram option. Is there a way to solve that for 'lazy' developers?
Three clicks instead of one

Yes there is! Screens are from VS2010, but it works the same in newer versions.

1) Show Layout toolbar
First make sure the Layout toolbar is visible. If it's not visible, rightclick the toolbar and select the Layout toolbar.
Show Layout toolbar

2) Add Button
Click on the little triangle on the right site of the toolbar and choose 'Add or Remove Buttons'. After that choose 'Customize...'. Now the Toolbar Customize window will show.
Customize window

3) Add Command
Click on the Add Command button and choose Format as category and then locate the Diagram command. Click OK to add it and click Close to close the customize window.
Add command

4) The Result
Now the new button is available in the Layout toolbar and with one click you can auto arrange your package.
One click only :-)

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