Monday, 30 March 2015

Coming this year... Extending SSIS with .NET Scripting

It's not ready yet, but I'm proud to announce the first SSIS book by me and fellow MVP Régis Baccaro (B|T).
Extending SSIS with .NET Scripting

Extending SSIS with .NET Scripting will be a timeless and comprehensive scripting toolkit for SQL Server Integration Services to solve a wide array of everyday problems that SSIS developers encounter. The detailed explanation of the Script Task and Script Component foundations will help you to develop your own scripting solutions, but this book will also show a broad arsenal of readymade and well documented scripting solutions for all common problems.

Feel free to contact us for ideas and suggestions. We will post status updates on twitter and our blogs.

It could be that the number of blogposts will slightly reduce the coming months due writing obligations (but only temporarily).

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