Tuesday, 8 September 2015

SQL Server 2016 CTP 2.3 New database roles SSISDB

There are two new database roles available in the SSIS Catalog (ssis_logreader and ssis_monitor). What kind of permissions do these roles have and how should we use them?
ssis_logreader and ssis_monitor roles

The database role ssis_monitor is for an AlwaysOn situation to do some clean-up and update work. The role is used by the SQL Server Agent job "SSIS Failover Monitor Job" and you shouldn't use this role yourself.

But you can use the new database role ssis_logreader which allows a user to read reports in the catalog. If you don't have this role you can only see the reports with your own executions on it. A workaround for that was to give a user the database role ssis_admin, but allows you to play God in the catalog. This is where the new logreader role comes in handy. It allows you to see everybody's executions without the God-mode.

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