Thursday, 29 December 2016

Execute packages in Scale Out

How do I execute a package with the new Scale Out function? I don't see any options when executing a package.
Find the Scale Out options

The new Scale Out execution is not (yet) integrated in the standard package execution window. And the Package Execution Task has not changed. Therefore it will always execute the package on the same worker as the parent package. Both will probably change within a couple CTP releases.

If you right click on SSISDB within the catalog then you will see the new context menu item "Execute in Scale Out..."
Execute in Scale Out...

Next you can choose which packages to execute and on which worker servers.
Execute in Scale Out

After hitting the OK button no reports are shown like in the regular execution, but you can find the reports in the context menu of the Catalog.
No open report option

And in the report you can see which 'random' worker executed the particular package.
The Machine property show which worker was used

Nice first version of the Scale Out. Hopefully the next CTP contains a new version of the Execute Package Task and an integration of the regular execution and scale out execution. Please try it out and let me (or Microsoft) know what you think about it.

Some considerations, because the worker services uses a local system account you might want to consider changing that to a domain account or use other options like a proxy or a database user. Other concerns are the firewall if you're using a local database on the master and local paths (d:\myfiles\) on the master won't work either.
NT Service\SSISScaleOutWorker140

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