Friday, 15 July 2011

Microsoft SQL Server code-named 'Denali' - Community Technology Preview 3 : Control Flow

Below you can find my review on the Control Flow part of CTP 3 which I will extend the next few days. This review is part of an overall review of Microsoft SQL Server code-named 'Denali' - Community Technology Preview 3.

Control Flow

New icons
Changed in CTP 1. There are new icons for the tasks with rounded corners. Just nicer!
Rounded corners

SSIS Toolbox
Changed in CTP 1 and change again in CTP 3. They regrouped the items with some new categories. And new custom tasks and components should automatically appear in the toolbox. There are some new tasks (like Expression Task) and some have disappeared (Execute DTS 2000 Package Task, ActiveX Script Task, have you ever used them?). One thing is a little confusing: there is a Toolbox and an SSIS Toolbox available (the first one is empty for SSIS).
SSIS Toolbox

Foreach Loop
Changed in CTP 1. Finally the Foreach File enumerator configuration is instantly visable (personal irritation).
SSIS 2008: where is my configuration?

Execute Package
Changed in CTP 1: ReferenceType has been added to the Execute Package Task. Which you can use to select a package from your current project. If you choose External Reference, you will get the SQL Server / File system choice.
Package Reference Type

Expression Task
With this new task you can fill variables. An activity you probably previously did with a Script Task.
One little weird thing is that you have to name *1 (see picture) the variable that you want to fill in the expression. It would be nicer if you could select the variable in a drop down and then add the expression in a separate field.
Expression Task: Notice the new/extra folder for system variables (*2)

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