Friday, 15 July 2011

Microsoft SQL Server code-named 'Denali' - Community Technology Preview 3 : Data Flow

Below you can find my review on the Data Flow part of CTP 3 which I will extend the next few days.This review is part of an overall review of Microsoft SQL Server code-named 'Denali' - Community Technology Preview 3.

Data Flow

Flexible Authoring
Change in CTP 1: It's now possible to edit a component even when its input path is disconnected.

Simplified Data Viewer
The Data Viewer can now be configured directly from the Data Flow Path editor. The data viewer only supports a grid view, the histogram and scatter plot views have been removed (but who has ever used them?).
An other time saver: just one right and one left click.

I only get a little error message when I execute the task and close the data viewer.
Error message when closing data viewer

Source & Destination Assistant
Added in CTP 1: the Source Assistant and Destination Assistant. Feels a little bit like SSIS for Dummies... and there isn't a flatfile target.
They are extra.

After the OK, you will get the regular screens.

Grouping in dataflow
Very useful for large dataflows is the new collapsible grouping option.
Dataflow grouping

Data Correction / DQS Cleansing
The new data flow object I mentioned in my CTP 1 review is gone (was not yet working there), but a new transformation has been added: DQS Cleansing. Will check it out later on. See also Data Quality Services.
DQS Cleansing

I expected a better editor. Unfortunately no improvements yet... See/vote this request at Microsoft Connect.
Still the user unfriendly editor

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