Thursday, 25 June 2015

SQL Server PDW Destination shows advanced editor only

I'm using PDW Destination adapter for SQL 2012 (V10.0.6186) from Control Node AU3 patch v10.62.14 and it only shows the Advanced Editor.
Advanced Editor PDW Destination

A know cause is that the package is generated with BIML (not MIST) by using the customcomponent tag. Messing up a single property can cause not showing the correct editor. If it's not generated with BIML, then download the latest version from the APS AU3 download page: Analytics Platform System Appliance Update 3 Documentation and Client Tools. At the time of writing V10.0.6205 was the latest version to download. This solved the problem:
The correct editor for the PDW Destination

Thanks to Greg Galloway and James Anthony Rowland-Jones.

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