Wednesday, 3 June 2015

SSIS 2016 CTP2 - Incremental Deployment

Incremental Deployment was announced in CTP2. How do I test this without a new SSDT-BI?

You need to start ISDeploymentWizard.exe from [Drive]:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\130\DTS\Binn
ISDeploymentWizard.exe from the 130 folder

In the second screen have to select Package Deployment. After that you can browse to your Visual Studio (SSDT-BI) folder where your SSIS 2014 project is located. You can also copy and paste the folderpath and then hit the Refresh button. Now you are able to uncheck some of the packages.
Incremental Deployment

*Update: in CTP 2.3 you can deploy a single package in the context menu of the solution explorer:
Deploy single package

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