Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Changing .Net Framework version in SSIS

SSIS 2008 uses .NET 2.0 as the standard framework version for Script Tasks and Script Components, but in some cases (Service Reference, Linq, etc) you need a higher .NET framework version. How do you change the framework?

SSIS 2008 supports 3.5 and lower (, but the standard is 2.0). SSIS 2012 supports 4.0 and lower (which is also the standard). Here is how you change it in and C#.

1) Edit Script
Edit the Script Task or Script Component so that vsta editor is open.

2) Project properties
Right click the project in the Project Explorer (SSIS 2008) / Solution Explorer (SSIS 2012) and select [Properties].
SSIS 2008

SSIS 2012

3a) Change framework version VB.Net
Go to the Compile tab in the properties page and hit the [Advanced Compile Options...] button. This will open a popup where you can change the framework version in the Target framework dropdownbox. After that hit the OK button and confirm the changes.
5 steps in VB.Net

3b) Change framework version C#
Go to the Application tab in the properties page and there you can change the framework version in the Target framework dropdownbox. After that you have to confirm the changes.
3 steps in C#

4) The result
The framework has been changed and all script windows are closed. Open scriptMain.cs / scriptMain.vb (script task) or main.cs / main.cb (script component) to continue scripting.
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