Friday, 20 September 2019

GIT Snack: missing buttons in Team Explorer

I can commit and sync, but where are the GIT buttons Pull Request, Work Items and Builds in my Visual Studio's Team Explorer?
Missing 3 Git buttons: Pull Request, Work Items and Builds

You are not connected to the project in GIT. Let's connect to your project:
  1. In Visual Studio/SSDT go to Team in the menu and click on Manage Connections...
  2. In the Team Explorer an option "Manage Connections" appears. Click on it and choose Connect to a Project...
  3. A new GIT window "Connect to a Project" appears, find and select your project and click on the Connect button.
Connect to GIT project

After connecting the 3 buttons Pull Request, Work Items and Builds will appear in the Team Explorer pane and then you can start a Pull Request from within Visual Studio/SSDT.
All buttons are now available

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